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61 13 Oct 2008 08:06 AM       Djuka              From: Cupertino California
Hi, we adopted a 8 week old Aussie mix exactly 2 years ago, we named him Draco.He has been Aussi Ausum !
We are now involved in a search and rescue training program, where Draco finds missing people. Hopefully we will be able to return back to the community by going on real rescue missions soon !
Thanks for doing such wonderfull work in finding good homes for the dogs.
Djuka and Draco Cupertino Ca.

62 09 Oct 2008 09:14 PM       Lori              From: Livermore
love1 We adopted a chihuahua/dachshund/pom mix in October of '07. She was 10 weeks old. Her mother was Maddie, whom we met. We fell in love instantly. She has brought us so much joy! Your organization is awesome! Thank you for all that you do!love1

63 22 Sep 2008 11:41 AM       Sally              From: Newark, Ca.
We adopted a dachshund/Chihuahua and ? in April 2005 and would love to see photos of his other siblings (5 or 6)Is there a way to know where they were adopted?type

64 04 Aug 2008 03:44 PM       Maureen              From: San Jose, CA
love7 We adopted Mocha Joe 6 weeks ago and are absolutely thrilled with him. He goes everywhere with us and fits in just great with our 2 cats and 9 birds. Thank you for doing such a great job with him and all of your dog placements.love2 love3 love7 lovers

65 08 Jul 2008 09:25 PM       Diane              From: san Jose, ca
wiggle Thank you for allowing me to adopt a colliepoo. She is so smart and a very sweet girl. I only have to tell her no once and she understands me. I am so glad that I went to your pet fair at PetsClub. Her name was Dana and I renamed her Bella. Thank you for all the hard work that you do for these dogs, they are so lucky to have you guys to help them out. Keep up the good work!wiggle wiggle

66 18 Jun 2008 10:24 AM       The Engle Girls              From: Boulder Creek, Ca.
WE are thrilled to have found your website this week and see MOCHA JANE!! We came to meet her and couldn't go home without her!!! She is absolutely lovely! Sweet, well-behaved, smart and a great cuddler....Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. We promise to check in and will soon send pictures.love7 love4 love2 love1

67 24 May 2008 10:28 AM       Michelle              From: San Jose, CA U.S.A.
I just got my own place and I am dying to find a Blenheim King Charles Cavalier Spaniel to adopt! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been waiting for 6 years to get a dog and now I have a great set-up to adopt one.party

68 04 May 2008 10:16 AM       Deb              From: San Jose
I adopted a miniature poodle from Sarah last week and he is the most well behaved, loving, sweet socialized dog i have ever had. My family loves him, our other dog loves him and I take him to work and everyone loves him. Thank you for rescuing him for me. We named him Bailey.wav wav wav

69 25 Apr 2008 07:25 AM       Lori Bess              From: Sunnyvale
Think it is wonderful that dog lovers like you take the time to not only rescue, foster and adopt out all of these wonderful dogs. I applaud all of your efforts and hope to be able to adopt a dog myself. But it won't stop there. I want to do other things to help you in your good work.

70 16 Apr 2008 07:05 PM       Ellen              From: San Jose
I am happy to see the great work continuing of rescue of these wonderful pets! Keep up the good work.smile

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