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11 15 May 2013 05:00 PM       Grace              From: San Jose,Ca
I just wanted to say that I think all of you are doing a great job with all these these little angles. I wish I had a bigger place to take them all home. But what am looking for is a very small no bigger then 5lbs female yokie and any where up to 2yrsold.
if you come accross her please let me know so I could give her a home. Thank youlove7

12 15 May 2013 12:49 PM       Kathy              From: San Jose
I am thrilled that sweet Scruffy found his forever home!
Thank you so much for taking him in and making sure he now has a wonderful family that will cherish him.wav

13 15 Apr 2013 10:39 PM       maggie              From: Oakland
I'm looking for a Standard Poodle to adopt, or a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle. I need a hypoallergenic dog. I have a giant Schnoodle who needs a nice friend.

14 10 Feb 2013 02:58 PM       Donna Walton              From: Morgan Hill, California
We are looking for a sporting dog - retriever, setter or spaniel. large poodle mix would be okay. Dwalton

15 24 Jan 2013 08:56 AM       Jack              From: Mountain View, Ca. USA
We have an 11 year old PWD/Spaniel mix who is in wonderful physical condition who, along with us, needs a companion.

We prefer a PWD, PWD Mix or a Labradoodle.

Thank you,

16 11 Jan 2013 09:33 PM       Jim              From: San Jose, CA
13 years ago we picked up a little black bundle of fur from SBPR. We named her Jenna, and she soon became a member of the family, all 90 lbs of her! Jenna proved to be loving, playful and courageous, always a source of comfort, and always greeting us with a boisterous bark and a wagging tail. We lost Jenna earlier today, though thankfully her passing was quick, and she was at home, with the ones she loved, and the ones who loved her. Thank you SBPR for bringing Jenna into our lives. :4c25511c

17 23 Nov 2012 07:43 PM       Rozalyn              From: Woodside, CA. USA
Thank you South Bay Purebred Rescue for your hard work and dedication to our dog community.

We are naming you as our beneficiary for "The Great Highway First Annual Charity Crab Dinner" on January 26, 2013. Please email me for tickets and further details.

We are very appreciative and grateful for South Bay Purebred Rescue

18 25 Oct 2012 12:00 AM       jamesbarclay              From: FRANCE
You have got among the finest webpages.

19 12 Aug 2012 04:27 PM       Sharyn Johnson              From: Santa Clara, CA
I have two Shih Tzu, one turning 16 the other one is 3 years old. I am looking for another Shih Tzu so be a playmate for my 3 year old...the older one just cannot play anymore...she is going blind and hard of earing and has dementia...please help me find a playmate (female) for Molly...s

20 22 Jun 2012 01:49 PM       Steve              From: Los Gatos CA
Message for Michelle: Hi! Thought you'd be interested to hear that I have Nico down to 83.7 as of yesterday. He is an absolutely amazingly wonderful dog! We all love him, including Heather. Best regards, Steve

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