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Dogs Currently Available for Adoption
Updated September 10, 2019

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6 Year Old Female


Amber is a sweet easy going 6 year old female. She loves to be next to her people. She is less inclined to play but cohabitates well with other dogs. I do not know how she would do with cats or small animals that like to run, she is a Greyhound! She walks well on a leash, does well in the car and is crate trained. She should be fine with respectful children. She arrived at the shelter with a broken leg that had healed at an awkward angle and she was not able to use it. It was removed, she has healed and still runs and walks without any issue. Amber is a petite 40 pounds but still a tall girl.

For more information, please call: 408-629-8293

Or email:

Bubba J
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5 Year Old Male


Bubba J comes to us from the Oakland Animal Shelter where he patiently waited 4 months to get into foster care with us. Bubba J was a volunteer favorite at OAS which was good for him considering he weighed a mere 78 lbs. when he was brought in as a stray from the streets. He also had bite wounds all over his head and on his front legs and had callouses from sleeping on the streets. We are happy to report he is now a big, goofy 97 lbs! Bubba has been neutered and has had a dental. Through all of his adventures, Bubba J has remained a calm and friendly boy who is just over the moon to have a warm bed and a constant supply of good food. He is currently learning housebreaking using a dog door, and he would not be at all offended if he was a yard dog with access to the garage. Bubba is tolerant of other dogs but, typical of the breed, once he is playing he will try to herd people and other animals. He can still be shy on leash and in new surroundings but responds well to gentle words. Bubba is becoming more comfortable with trips in the car but he will need an owner willing to lift his hind end into the vehicle as he does not jump in there for you. He does not seem interested in cats. He is very motivated by food and should be fed separate from other animals.

Fostered in Hayward, CA - Adopt by appointment only.

For more information, please call:


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5 Month Old Female


Lily is 40 lbs now and is expected to be around 70 lbs when grown. She has already had a couple weeks of basic obedience under her paws and has already learned Sit and Down. She is a high drive puppy and needs to be constantly busy with training, play time, chew bones or puppy appropriate toys. Lily is crate trained and sleeps well through the night. She is used to using a doggy door for potty breaks in her foster home, but also potties well on leash when she goes to work with her foster mom. Lily is VERY food motivated and walks well on leash when there is food involved to keep her engaged. However, she also gets distracted easily, so leash training is a work in progress. She loves every person and every dog she meets and does not mind the resident cats. She should do well with proper introductions and management. Lily knows her name, and her recall training is going very well. She was also quite brave for her big girl bath at the groomer.

Lily’s foster mom is including a free 30 minute training session at Dogz101 in Redwood City, or upon adoption :)

Please email

for an application

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9 Weeks Old 4 Female 2 Male


These gorgeous little babies are ready for adoption. There are four girls and two boys. Their sizes vary - some are clearly going to be smaller than others, with the larger ones expected to be around 30-40 lbs. They are friendly and playful as you'd expect a puppy to be. They should be fine with other dogs, cats, and respectful children. They are fixed, have had first shots, been dewormed and microchipped.

I Was Adopted! x

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3 Year Old Female


Cassie is with us after having been a "frequent flyer" at a shelter where she was ultimately surrendered by her owners. She is very sweet and will wrestle with dogs her size and has played gently with a puppy much smaller than she is. Cassie has not tried to break out of the yard or jump the 6' fence at her foster home, but we also moved things so she didn't have a boost over. Cassie has some obedience training on board: she knows sit, down, crate, and will stop barking when asked. (She is not a problem barker.) She was great for her bath and loves to ride peacefully in the car (she hops right in). Cassie is athletic and will need both mental stimulation (training practice) and physical stimulation (proper exercise) to be a happy girl. She is spayed, dewormed, flea treated, and microchipped.

I Was Adopted! x

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4 Year Old Male


Special Needs

Roofus is fully grown, but is still in the process of putting on weight from having been starved. He is a quite skinny 165 lbs and could hit the 200 lb mark when fully filled out. He has a fantastic temperament – loves attention from all people. He’s not a huge barker, although he will give a big ROOF ROOF when he feels it’s necessary. Thankfully he’s not a big drooler. He’s great for grooming and rides in the car. Roofus walks kind of wonky in the back end. His hips are fine; his knees seem to be the source of the problem. We had him x-rayed at a regular vet and then had him x-rayed by an orthopedic vet. There are mixed opinions as to what the knee issues is – probably partial ACL tear. However, the consensus is that the dog is happy and doing well on Rimadyl (and we’ve added joint supplements) so there is no need to do surgery at this time. He may or may not ever need surgery, but he also ought live with dogs that want to wrestle. Roofus is a good boy, and will get playful if you get him riled up.

I Was Adopted! x

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3 Month Old Male


Little Puppy is about 4 lbs now and is expected to be in the 15 pound range when grown. He is as energetic, playful, and spunky as you’d expect a baby dog to be. He runs like the wind, has the fastest tongue in the west, and is good for a bath. He is crate trained and will sleep quietly all night. He will be fine with other dogs, cats, and respectful children. Please be prepared to discuss the classes you intend to take him to.

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11 Year Old Male


Ozzie is fully grown at a healthy 35 lbs. He is up for adoption because his owner passed away. Ozzie is a sweet, quiet boy who just wants to hang out with his people and get attention. He is OK hanging out with other dogs but does not want to play with them. He does not seem to mind cats and should be fine with respectful children. Ozzie is crate trained, used to being groomed, is housebroken (will use a doggie door) and is not a barker. He requires no future dental care because the vet had to pull the last 3 teeth he had. There is no special care required; he’s eating dry food just fine. Shots are up to date, and the vet says he’s ready to go.

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6 Year Old Male


Mickey is fully grown at 13 lbs. He is full of personality and loves attention from everyone. He is bouncy and playful but not bouncing off the walls. Mickey is great for his grooming, is leash trained, crate trained, and seems to be housebroken. He is not barky all the time, but will let you know when the doorbell rings. Mickey gets along well with other dogs and is OK with cats (he will chase one that runs). He’s a great little dog with personality and spunk. His adoption fee is $400. Mickey is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, de-flea’d, groomed, and has had his teeth cleaned.

I Was Adopted! x

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2 Year Old Male


Uggs is just under 10 pounds and approximately 2 years old. He is full grown and so sweet. He is happy and outgoing. Loves his stuffed toys, walks and the company of people. He is good with other dogs would do fine with cats and respectful children. He walks on a leash flashing his hairy feet, therefore his name. He will need protection from the sun, he is crate trained and doing well on his housebreaking. His adoption fee is $400.00

I Was Adopted! x

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1 Year Old Female


Rylie is a healthy 65 lbs and still has growing to do. She was originally to be trained as a service dog, but didn’t make the cut due to her energy level/lack of focus. That means that, while Rylie got a few months of professional training, she needs a dog-savvy adopter who will continue going to structured obedience. (We will expect you to be able to tell us about the trainer you’re going to work with.) She still acts very much like a puppy. Rylie knows “sit, down, heel, finish, load and unload but must be worked with daily to retain that training or she will revert to being a wild child. She is crate trained but should not be left unattended in your house. Rylie should do well with a well-matched male dog her size and kids over 12, but is not a candidate to live with female dogs or cats. She will also require some "tough love" in the grooming department – she will need a haircut at least every 3 months, (assuming she’s shaved down each time) and she is a challenging one for the groomer. We’ll be happy to give more details over the phone, but please do be experienced with large, exuberant dogs if you choose to inquire. Rylie is a nice dog with much potential, but she is too much for a novice owner. The adoption fee $400.00

I Was Adopted! x

  • Available dogs change rapidly. This page will be updated at least weekly and more often as needed. Not all available dogs will have pictures.

  • Our dogs are available for adoption by appointment (call the number listed with the dog's picture for an appointment) through our foster homes, and at our weekly Pet Fairs.

  • Although our primary focus is purebred dogs, we will have mixed breed dogs available as foster space permits.

  • All dogs are spayed / neutered (no exceptions) and have all shots updated. They have been vet checked, wormed, and necessary treatments have been started. You will receive any medications they may currently need. Each dog has been groomed. You also receive a free vet examination.

  • We are funded solely by adoption fees and private donations sent by people like you who care about our dogs.
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Why are there only a few dogs on this site and
most of them are adopted already?

Many of the dogs we get are not ready for adoption right away. Only dogs that are ready will go up on the website. If the dog becomes ready for adoption just before a Pet Fair, it will probably be adopted from the Pet Fair before it ever makes it to the website. Often people will call us looking for a specific breed and we will place the dog with them before it ever makes it to the website. Our foster homes work full time outside of the home and have families to care for. Often we just don't have the time to get a picture and a description up on the web rapidly but we do try.  So watch the web, call us, and come to the Pet Fairs. You have to be actively searching for a dog while we do our best to save them from the shelters and make them ready for you to find. As soon as the webmaster is notified that a dog is ready or has been adopted, the website will be updated.